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Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials


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The ‘Hub’

The V1 Media Group ‘Hub’ site is the home of the Group. It keeps you up to date with all the latest news and information from each brand within the Group and beyond.

Learn English In

Showcase your school to an ever-growing audience of tech-savvy international students on this site. Create your profile, be featured in news and conversation, and enjoy the limelight!

V1 Sales & Marketing

Entrust this specialist agency, with extensive experience within the language travel sector, to help you capitalise on opportunities, navigate challenges and drive growth.

Language Travel Agents

Easily search for agent partners with this time-saving site. The simple search function helps you browse for quality agents and identify the best partnerships for you.

Educations Fairs

Save time and money planning your marketing travel schedules. Quickly and easily see the education fairs happening this year: worldwide, all in one place, at a glance.

No Fluff

Benefit from focused training, coaching and leadership expertise in the international education sector. No Fluff exists to help you grow your team, your sales and your business.

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We’re helping businesses achieve new heights.

We at EC are very excited to collaborate with the V1 Media Group as a launch partner in 3 countries. Their in-depth understanding of our industry, its complex requirements and its future trajectory makes them the perfect partner for us

Ricky Sharma

Global Marketing Director

We’re helping businesses achieve new heights.

CES is delighted to be partnering with the VI Media Group ; their market knowledge and commitment to excellence in the EFL sector will help CES grow and develop. They will also assist us in developing our market share and also advise is on new areas to grow our brand Internationally.

Justin Quinn

Managing Director

We’re helping businesses achieve new heights.

We are delighted to be a launch partner school on the V1 Media Group. We see real value in having the group showcase our brand across the World to an ever-growing audience, and will be pleased to have the other group assets on hand for assistance with other working aspects of Atlas Language School.

Nico Dowling


We’re helping businesses achieve new heights.

Britannia Student Services sees the V1 Media Group as an ideal platform to showcase our brand and develop lasting new business contacts. We believe the V1 Media Group will become a powerful inter-connector of people and businesses in education and are very happy to be involved' as a launch partner for student accommodation.

Michele Da Silva


We’re helping businesses achieve new heights.

Flywire is excited to be the exclusive payment partner for V1 Media Group and to support them in the launch of their new project. Their professionalism, passion and market knowledge on the EFL sector is something we hope to leverage and learn from while mutually expanding our brand awareness within the industry. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.

Simon Read

Vice President of Sales

We’re helping businesses achieve new heights.

OHC, Australia congratulates the V1 Media Group on its initiative in creating a worldwide media hub for the ELT industry. OHC is a part of the international Holmes Education Group and we are proud to be the launch partner for the V1 Media Group in Australia. The initiative is bold and innovative and we look forward working with V1 in expanding our reach around the ELT globe.

Stephen Nagle


We’re helping businesses achieve new heights.

LanguageCert are very excited to be partnering with the V1 Media Group to work together in promoting our language skills assessment and certification, to renowned organisations worldwide. The V1 Media Group is a perfect vehicle to broaden our provision and make lasting business relationships for the benefit of educators and students alike

Henry Tolley

Head of Business Development

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials
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News & Blog

All of the latest from V1MG HQ

  • Check out our new video we've produced for EC Malta

    Video documenting Social Media Influencer Tour at EC Malta is now available on V1 Media Group YouTube channel

  • Happy 40th Birthday to Languages International!

    This V1 Media Group member school has been welcoming students from all over the world since 1978, what makes them the longest-established English language school in New Zealand!

  • A new video produced by V1 Media Group is here!

    This promotional video was produced for Mackenzie School of English and it was included as part of our Social Media Influencer tour package. It's the perfect tool for training agents, counsellors, and students, not only in Brazil but elsewhere too. If you need a video created for your company, contact us now.

  • Inside a homestay: An interview with an experienced host

    ARTICLE - Is a homestay the right accommodation option for you? We spoke to Linda, a homestay host who has been welcoming international students for 35 years.

  • Studying abroad? How to choose the best insurance

    ​ARTICLE - If you’re planning an exciting trip to learn English abroad, there is one thing you should not leave home without – and that’s insurance. Check out this guide to choosing the insurance that's right for you.

  • Top British language schools by the sea

    ARTICLE - When the sun is shining, there are few places more joyful to spend time than on a British beach. Learn English at one of our favourite seaside language schools this summer, or start planning for next year!

  • The meaning of task-based English language learning

    ARTICLE - Task-based English language learning is a technique that centres around the very purpose of language: communication. As well as being naturally interesting and motivating, the approach has several other advantages.

  • Exotic foods to try while learning English in South Africa

    ARTICLE - Nowhere is the vibrancy of this amazing country better experienced than through its food. If you’re planning to learn English in South Africa, this is our list of must-try dishes.

  • The underrated benefits of learning English at boarding school

    ARTICLE - Parents who consider boarding school for their children will be aware that the secure, focused environment and small class sizes can bring particularly successful academic results, but there are further advantages that can sometimes be overlooked.

  • Why kids love New Westminster, British Columbia

    ARTICLE - As well as the abundance of incredible family activities throughout British Columbia, those on offer in New Westminster (or New West) make this city in particular fantastic fun for children of all ages.

  • An alphabet of Australian slang

    ARTICLE - If you’re heading down under to learn English in Australia, these popular Australian English slang words will help you to understand the natives – and sound more like one too! Get ready to yabber…

  • The best 5 food markets in London

    ARTICLE - For foodies considering whether to learn English in London, this is our pick of the best food market experiences in or near the centre of England's capital.

  • Study Manitoba School Divisions joins V1 Media Group

    This beautiful, peaceful and safe region in central Canada welcomes international students for incredible study experiences.

  • LanguageCert and V1 Media Group partner!

    LanguageCert continues to invest in promotions and marketing and are pleased to announce a partnership with V1 Media Group. Specialists within the international education industry, V1 Media Group will exclusively promote the LanguageCert skills assessment and certification brand throughout the World via the platform and associated assets to highlight and help to establish the brand as the industry leader.

  • Kings Education join the V1 Media Group

    We are delighted that Kings Education has joined us for the promotion of their UK schools. Lucy Cattermole, Regional Development Director said: "Kings are delighted to be working with the experienced team at the V1 Media Group. We are confident that the innovative tools they have designed will help us to expand our reach to both agents and students globally, and open up new opportunities for all"

  • International House London joins the V1 Media Group

    The prestigious International House London school has become a member of the V1 Media Group - welcome on-board! IH London will also be participating in our upcoming Social Media Influencer tour in August - look out for the media coming up!

  • The summer camp effect

    ARTICLE - Invest in a summer camp experience with Trinity UK and you will not only give your child amazing memories to last a lifetime, but you will also be actively broadening their future horizons from an early age.

  • Welcome to Langley School District #35

    Canadian school board with 40 schools and 19,000 students joins V1 Media Group!

  • British Study Centres come on-board!

    We are delighted to welcome British Study Centres to the V1 Media Group. We will be showcasing their prestigious schools in London, Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, York and Edinburgh.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Wild and wonderful

    ARTICLE - Newfoundland and Labrador can a particularly magical place to be immersed as a young student, with the majesty of nature all around, and the endless opportunities for action and adventure that brings.

  • Ardmore Language Schools join the V1 Media Group

    The prestigious junior summer school operator joins the V1 Media Group for it's UK and US schools.

  • NISEP become a member of the V1 Media Group

    The Newfoundland International Student Education Program (NISEP) latest to join the Group!

  • New Westminster School District 40 joins V1 Media Group

    One of the first ever Canadian public school districts to admit international students now enjoys the benefits of a V1 Media Group Passport

  • Social Media Influencer tour 2018!

    In August 2018, we are welcoming a social media celebrity to the UK, Malta and Ireland. During the visit, he will generate massive social media engagement for our participating schools, as well as generating a vast number of enquiries through the bespoke microsite which we build for each school, specifically for the tour. If you'd like to know how your school could take part in this opportunity, please email us at: for more information.


  • Happy #StPatrickDay!

  • We're proud to announce an exclusive agreement with Irish student insurance specialists @studyandprotect . Find out…

  • Satisfied with the traffic to your school's website? Let's learn how to turn visitors into enquiries: #webtraffic…

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